Battle of the Century

New 2018 Restoration with New Music Score

Berth Marks

Restored to the original Vitaphone soundtrack for the first time ever!


Restored to the original Vitaphone sound!

Busy Bodies

The Chimp :: 25 min

Come Clean

County Hospital


Hog Wild

Restored to full silent aperture and with Vitaphone track.

Me and My Pal

Midnight Patrol

The Music Box :: 30 min
Oscar Winner - Sound remix from original elements.

One Good Turn


Their First Mistake

Towed in a Hole

Twice Two


Flying Deuces

64 min

Sons of the Desert

65 minutes

Way Out West

65 Minutes

The following Laurel & Hardy shorts and features are available on DCP only.


Shorts are 20 minutes each unless otherwise noted:

Also available are 12 of the above shorts in three complete packages:

Another Nice Mess: The Restored Laurel & Hardy (Volumes 1, 2, 3) 
Volume One:  95 Minutes (with intro by Leonard Maltin)

Helpmates, Their First Mistake, County Hospital, Music Box  
Volume Two:  85 Minutes

Busy Bodies, Scram!, Me and My Pal, One Good Turn  
Volume Three:  85 Minutes

Come Clean, Twice Two, Midnight Patrol, Towed in a Hole 

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